What are the benefits of taking Cordyceps?

Cordyceps Sinensis are highly valued mushrooms and used in traditional Chinese medicine as a folk remedy for their life-enhancing and energy-enhancing properties.

Cordyceps grow wild in Asia in the high plateaus, more than 3,800 meters high.

These types of fungi are known as parasitic fungi because during winter they invade the body of some insects, usually caterpillars, while they hibernate and in the spring the fungus begins to grow together with the mummified body of the caterpillar.

Despite being a bit unpleasant the way in which this fungus develops, traditional oriental medicine appreciates it more for its properties than for its rarity.

When Cordyceps are grown to make nutritional supplements, they are organic crops in which the nutrients of insects are not usually used, so they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What is Cordyceps fungus for?

Since the shepherds observed a long time ago that their cattle after eating the “brown grass” were stronger and more robust, even as vigorous as in the mating season they discovered that the brown grass was not grass and began to be used to improve the vitality and reproductive capacity of cattle.

Its traditional use for people has been used to increase physical and mental capacity, as an aphrodisiac and invigorating, as a restorative, immune system regulator and as an antioxidant.

They are considered adaptogens, this means that these fungi can help the body adapt to its environment causing minimal changes in physiological abilities without being toxic.

We are not talking about a natural dopant, but its consumption increases the body’s resistance to adverse influences.

Cordyceps contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides, and proteins. Its main active compounds are cordyleptic acid, glutamic acid and cordicepine.

It has been the exceptional ability of the Cordyceps fungus to increase physical performance that has led to this millennial use as an ingredient for sports supplementation in the manufacture of supplements that increase energy and endurance.

Benefits and properties of Cordyceps

1. Strengthens the immune system

Its components act by strengthening the immune system by increasing our defenses and protecting us against bacteria and viruses.

2. Powerful aphrodisiac

It improves blood circulation, so it is also advisable if you suffer from poor circulation. Stimulates blood flow in the genitals, increases libido  and testosterone levels.

3. Protect the kidneys

Its active compounds improve kidney functions and protect against urinary infections. The consumption of Cordyceps can prevent damage to the kidneys by the use of antibiotics without reducing its effect.

4. Improves endurance and energy

Its consumption increases energy and strength because it improves the use of oxygen in the body. It also reduces fatigue and improves mood. It is highly recommended for people with fibromyalgia or high levels of stress.

5. Protects the respiratory system

Its antibacterial and antiviral properties help prevent infectious diseases such as colds and flu. Relaxes the airways by improving some conditions of the upper airways.

6. It is antioxidant

It takes care of internal organs and protects them because it is also a good anti-inflammatory. Stimulate memory and cell production to keep you young.

“It is said that the best kept secret of Asian longevity is the Cordyceps.”

cordyceps properties

Why is Cordyceps fungus ideal for athletes?

All the benefits and properties of the Cordyceps fungus that we have listed so far are sufficient reasons for anyone to start consuming it, but especially athletes for the wear and physical effort of daily training.

Cordyceps consumption increases testosterone levels and the anabolic properties of testosterone stimulate muscle production. In addition, it increases energy and strength so it is very suitable for training sessions and to regulate the stress of professional athletes in competition time.


The Cordyceps mushroom arouses more and more interest in the scientific field for the surprising results of numerous studies. Its active compounds increase energy and strength completely naturally and are also beneficial for fighting diseases and ailments by strengthening the immune system.

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