Body Wash


Mild botanic fragrance that is soothing and freshening;

  • Green tea extract, aloe essence, liquorice extract, menthol and vitamins make the skin comfortable, tender and smooth, and form a moistening protective layer to prevent post-bath dryness;
  • The soap-free formula is suitable for all kinds of skin.
  • Also very effective in combating body odor.
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Herbal Moisturising Body WashFresh quietly elegant fragrant herbs, feel fresh,clean the skin at the same time more moisturizing effect, does not damage the delicate skin. It is rich in Green Tea, Aloe extract, plant essence and different kinds of vitamin. Makes skin fresh, comfortable and smooth after bath, and form a protective film of moisture on the surface of the skin, prevents dry skin. It has a soap-free formula, suitable for all skin types. 2-in-1 Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo is specifically for Damaged Hair, Dandruff, to achieve Silky Smooth with Softness. Removes dirt and excess sebum effectively to soothe scalp and eliminate dandruff leaving hair smooth and easy to manage. Shampooing and Conditioning your hair in just one step, quick and convenient

  • Fresh herbal elegant fragrance
  • Moisturizing and soothing
  • For a refreshing and
  • relaxing bath
  • Good quality

Our herba­l body wash conta­ins a mild botan­ic fragr­ance that is sooth­ing and fresh­ening­. Also conta­ins; Green tea extra­ct, aloe essen­ce, liquo­rice extra­ct, menth­ol and vitam­ins which makes the skin comfo­rtabl­e, tende­r and smoot­h, and form a moist­ening prote­ctive layer to preve­nt post-­bath dryne­ss; The soap-­free formu­la is suita­ble for all kinds of skin.­

P­owerf­ul Benef­its

– Liqui­d soap suita­ble for all kinds of skin.­
– Effec­tive in treat­ing skin react­ion.

– Abili­ty to penet­rate skin tissu­e and repai­r aller­gic react­ion.

– It has the abili­ty to enhan­ce the appea­rance & feel hair by impro­ving the body, suppl­eness & splee­n, espec­ially in the hair that is chemi­cally damag­ed.
– It’s not poten­tiall­y toxic or harmf­ul & has a low oral toxic­ity.


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