How to Use Longrich Pink Tea

The powdered tea called Longrich pink tea continues to be talked about, both on the internet, in magazines and even on television. It is true that this pink tea powder has everything to seduce, but what is it really? What can Longrich pink tea bring me? What can I do with this tea? I will answer all of these questions (and some others at the same time) in this article.

What is Longrich Pink tea?

Longrich pink tea is a Chinese tea reduced to powder through two stone wheels. Depending on the quality of the millstones for grinding the powdered leaves and on the quality of Japanese pink tea, the tea will be more or less delicious and rich in benefits. There are different varieties and qualities for this powder. Each of these varieties has interesting dimensions for this or that use. Of course we must also add the whole family of Longrich tea, but there, everyone sees noon at their door. Yes it is better to consume products from organic farming, but the price is not always attractive. 

This pink tea powder infuses (almost) like a classic tea. The difference is that you don’t have to wait a few minutes to drink the natural drink, but you have to deserve it. I explain a little below how to prepare a good slimming tea.

What does Longrich Pink tea taste like?

Basically, the taste of pink tea is rich, generous, a little greedy too, mellow. It is a taste that will give you a herbal and vegetable sensation. It is however not sweet but on the palate, it is.

On the other hand, depending on the varieties, qualities, tastes provided and the pleasure that you will take in drinking your bowl of matcha will change. Poor quality tea is not going to be really soft or vegetable. Besides, it’s time to clarify that these lower quality teas are preferred for culinary preparations.

Not that pastries and other dishes do not deserve quality, but the tea is so diluted in the rest of the preparation that it is not worth the cost (yes the price) of putting a Longrich Tea in a cake will bring the same satisfaction.

What to do with Longrich Pink tea?

Drink it or cook with it . Quite simply . Whether it is a “standard” variety or an organic premium super top, both can be used in cooking and in drinks. The cost will not be the same, it may not be much use to put so many grams of super quality in a cake when another one may be enough. On the other hand for the drink, if it is possible to take pleasure with a basic tea, it will be so much better with a premium, more vegetable, more creamy, more unctuous (without forgetting the content in benefits).

If Longrich Pink tea is the most consumed tea in the world, it is not without reason. It is for its taste and its benefits.

What are the properties of Longrich Pink tea?

This tea powder has the same benefits as leaf tea, but is more concentrated. The benefits of pink tea are numerous for the body and the mind. So we can find antioxidants, theine, tannins, but also chlorophyll. All this brings a lot for the body to be healthier, to take advantage of its exceptional pH , to lose a few pounds in the process and to have a smile all day (and take advantage of it to improve concentration and memory).

Testimonies of Longrich slimming tea

How does green tea help you lose weight?

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How to use Longrich Pink tea?

In cooking and drinking as we have just seen.

Cooking recipes , cakes, pastries, sauces, dishes, side dishes … this tea powder can be included in almost everything. Cooking recipes, dessert recipes , sauces and side dishes are counted in the tens (even hundreds). Do not hesitate to discover the tastes that this powder can bring. Personally, in pastry, I find that the tea to choose for cooking? A so-called “culinary”, at a fair price, but not necessarily the premium premium. Generally, in cooking, it will take between 10 and 20 grams per dish. I’ll let you do the math.

As a natural and healthy drink , this powder is delicious. This drink can be prepared in just a few seconds (at most 3 minutes while the water is heating up), it can be drunk hot or cold, even iced, it can even be drunk with milk . All that remains is to prepare it to perfection.

How to prepare a good bowl of Longrich Pink tea?

I will not explain to you for the culinary part because it depends on the recipe…

On the other hand, to prepare his cup (his bowl), you will see that it is always the same thing, and always as simple. You can make it a tea ceremony if you wish, but it’s hardly mandatory.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should never boil water! We do not overheat the water for mate, we do not boil water for tea, for herbal tea or infusions. The same is true for this pink tea powder. The infusion water for this drink should be between 70 ° C and 80 ° C , no more. At this temperature you will not burn the powder and it will be able to infuse quickly in your bowl.

To prepare pink tea, you need to bring essential accessories: a flat-bottomed bowl,pink tea, a whisk and a suitable spoon. All these accessories and the powder are in the complete longrich tea kit . Why is it essential?

The bowl must have a flat bottom to allow the water and powder to be whipped in order to homogenize everything.

The whisk … to mix. Whether with regard to the ceremonial tea or not, the bamboo whisk remains the best if it is of quality. You will see that there are different qualities of bamboo whips, some with 46 strands, with 64 strands, and the best, the bamboo whisk with 96 strands. Why is it so important? The more strands, the more the drink can be perfectly mixed in just a few movements. 

The spoon to serve the powder cannot be a teaspoon, it must be adapted in order to have the right dosage. It only takes 1 gram of tea powder to prepare a bowl of 20 / 25cl (of course everyone can adapt according to their tastes). 1 gram of powder corresponds to 1 flat bamboo spoon. .

The whip holder is certainly not essential; However, it is still strongly recommended to keep the whip intact, undistorted and unwetted for a long time.

  • Put the powder in the bottom of the bowl
  • Pour the hot water gently
  • Whisk in M ​​or W until obtaining a foam.
  • Let cool a minimum before drinking, to avoid burning yourself.

36 thoughts on “How to Use Longrich Pink Tea”

    1. Yes, You will lose weight in the most natural weight without any side effect as this is made of natural products.
      LONGRICH SLIMMING TEA can be used for treating heart disease.
      NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant, lactating women.
      Aids weight management
      Reduces risk of various types of cancer
      Treats constipation
      Protects brain cells form dying
      Improves heart function
      Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
      Increases fat burning and improves physical performance
      Treats diabetes
      Reduces bad cholesterol
      Improves brain function
      Can help reduce muscle spasms
      Reduces anxiety and stress

        1. Here is a simple recipe to prepare Longrich Pink Slimming tea.

          Lemon iced pink tea, everyday slimming ally

          For 1 person

          250 ml of water
          1 bag of pink tea
          1/2 untreated lemon
          1 C. tablespoon coconut sugar


          First, to make the iced lemon pink tea, heat the water in a saucepan. Once the water has boiled, immerse the pink tea bag in it and let it steep for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bag then set aside.
          Then wash the half lemon and cut a thin slice in it. Squeeze the remaining lemon to extract as much juice as possible.

          In a small bottle, pour the lemon juice, coconut sugar then add the slice of lemon cut in 2 or 4.
          Finally, pour your pink tea over it then place in the fridge for at least 4 hours. The tea should be very fresh and can even be consumed with ice.

  1. I didn’t know about this procedures before I just boil water and immersed the pink tea bag in it

    No possible result yet
    I really need help to do it right

    1. Am sorry for that. Many people experience this the first time. Do not drink it in excess; not more than two cups (16 ounces) a day unless recommended by a health professional.

    1. For your case, it is important to have it on an empty stomach. The whole idea about weight loss is to eat less. Having it before breakfast would make you eat less during breakfast.

      To reap maximum health benefits from slimming tea, it is important to have it at the right time. Studies suggest that the best time to drink slimming tea is in the morning and before the workout session. Swapping your cup of coffee with slimming tea is the best way to kick start your day. Like coffee, slimming tea also contains some amount of caffeine and L-theanine. Both of them together can help to improve your mood and enhance your concentration level.

      If your motive is to burn fat then, drinking pink tea before your workout session is the best for you. Several studies suggest that doing this may increase the fat burning process during the workout.

  2. Hi dear, I’m 35 years old man and i wish to lose or reducing abdominal. Is it only a fat burners for woman?
    I want to know if this pink tea of longrich is also recommended for man? Will it get The same efects to lose weight on men? I’m interesting to get it, but I’m not sure about The results. Please, help me!

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