How to drink green tea to lose weight

A natural, healthy drink that speeds up metabolism and helps you lose weight? It seems too good to be true! But it is true, it exists, and it is within your reach: it is green tea.

I discovered it a few years ago, when I started changing my diet to lose weight in a healthy way and without unbearable diets, expensive supplements, or ridiculous devices.

And although I cannot say that I have evidenced an astromagic effect solely because of my consumption of green tea, it is a drink that has a lot of science behind it.

Here I’ll tell you how to take green tea to enjoy not only a zen pause, but at the same time take advantage of plenty of benefits that can bring you, both in terms of health, to help you lose fat more.

What is green tea (and what is not)

And what is special about Camellia sinensis? That its leaves, tea leaves, are extremely rich in potent antioxidants that are the most: polyphenolic compounds called catechins.

Of these catechins, the most famous is a so-called epigallocatechin-3-gallate. Yes, I can’t even pronounce it well, so we better call it by its acronym: EGCG. This catechin is the best known and archived for the many positive effects it has for health.

Of all the teas (green, black, white, oolong, red or pu-erh), green tea is the one with the highest content of EGCG due to its manufacturing process, in which the leaves of the plant are carefully dried and without fermentation .

how to drink green tea

Green tea, along with caffeine, is one of the very few “fat-burning” substances used to produce “metabolism-accelerating” supplements that have sufficient scientific studies to prove its effectiveness.

But before you run to buy some green tea capsules, let me tell you what science says about its uses, what is the best (and safest) way to use it, and how to drink green tea.

Green tea for weight loss

Let’s go straight to the root of the matter: green tea does help you lose weight.

It does so thanks to its two main components: caffeine and polyphenols (catechins).

  1. Caffeine releases fatty acids (causes fat to escape from cells) so that you can “burn” them more easily.
  2. Polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) work in conjunction with caffeine and increase the “burning” of calories (thermogenic effect)

In Christian: green tea speeds up the metabolism (slightly) and causes us to “burn” more fat.

And I put everything to “burn” in quotes because the proper scientific term is “oxidize.” So that they don’t say later that this information is scientifically incorrect. 

But you and I know that whether we talk about “burning” or “oxidizing”, we are referring to the fact that fat is used and decreases. After all, that is what interests us: that it diminishes. True?

Eye, which in terms of metabolism I put “slightly.” 

Do not think that because you are going to take five bottles of green tea pills you will lose all the extra pounds you have. It does not work like that.

But what is certain is that green tea promotes fat loss, increases performance during exercise, and protects against many diseases.

I show you:

5 proven benefits of green tea for health and weight loss

As I told you, green tea has been super studied, and there is a lot of bibliography about its properties in different areas of medicine.

1. It is anticancer

It has been known for several years that green tea, thanks to its catechins, has antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic properties. It is known that there is an inverse relationship between the consumption of green tea and the prevalence of cancer.

Green tea :

  • It induces apoptosis (cell suicide) to control uncontrolled growth and proliferation of cells,
  • controls the alteration of the self-regulatory cycles of cellular proteins,
  • activates immune system cells responsible for eliminating potentially cancerous cells,
  • suppresses the activation of nuclear factors that “trigger” uncontrolled cell growth.

2. Reduces the accumulation of fat, and increases the burning of accumulated fat

Green tea and its catechins have shown in in vitro studies, in animals, and in humans that are capable of3 :

  • reduce the multiplication of fat cells, decrease fat mass, and body weight,
  • decrease the absorption of the fats we consume, triglycerides in the blood, free fatty acids, cholesterol,
  • reduce glucose, insulin and leptin levels (the two main hormones involved in weight and body mass control),
  • and increase thermogenesis and oxidation of fats (the “burning” of fats).

3. Lowers blood pressure

Although some studies are a bit contradictory to blood pressure, a 2014 analysis showed that green tea catechins do decrease hypertension when used at a low and long-term dose, leaving out the effects of caffeine.

That is, if a person does not consume coffee, and only consumes green tea (which already has caffeine), the anti-hypertensive effects can be observed.

4. Prevents overweight and obesity

Green tea and EGCG have preventive effects on obesity of both genetic and nutritional origin, in addition to preventing insulin resistance, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol levels) .

As well:

  • modulates the absorption and utilization of the fats consumed,
  • increases glucose utilization (preventing it from ending up accumulating as fat),
  • decreases the creation of fat from other substances (lipogenesis),
  • improves vascular response,
  • and has antioxidant effects.

It seems that the anti-obesity benefits of green tea come from the anti-angiogenic effects (angiogenesis: the growth of new biological tissues) of EGCG, which prevents the growth of adipose tissue.

However, the authors of one of the most recent reviews (of 2016) estimate that the effects of green tea as a treatment for obese people require even more studies to confirm its effectiveness.

Say, it is known that it helps prevent and/or prevent it from getting worse, but there is no strong evidence that it decreases once installed and in the presence of metabolic syndrome or diabetes.

(I still think that we already knew this, when obesity is installed, you are not going to go just to drink green tea … #someone has to say it).

5. Maintenance assistance after losing weight (avoid yoyo effect)

But the most important effect of green tea to prevent the yoyo effect comes from its ability to counteract the decrease in metabolism that occurs when a person is dieting, increasing fat burning and helping to preserve muscle mass, although the effect seems to be less if you are a regular consumer of caffeine.

Why does green tea lose weight?

If you are like me, you have to understand everything in maximum detail to be able to convince yourself (or simply to be happy in life). So I told you a little more where they come from, according to what is known today, all these superultramegaguau properties of green tea.

(And if you’re not like me, go straight to the next part, which is where all the practical information is. No, I don’t hate you for that 😉).

Still here? Cool.

Well, look, laboratory studies have shown that green tea affects fat metabolism (the way the body uses them) in several ways :

  • reducing food intake (decreases hunger),
  • interrupting the emuslficiation and absorption of fats (we do not absorb everything we eat),
  • suppressing the creation of fat cells and preventing the formation of fats from other substances,
  • and increasing energy expenditure through thermogenesis (heat production), oxidation (“burning”) of fats, and excretion of fats in feces.

Other studies suggest that the anti-obesity effects of green tea are due to its ability to promote energy expenditure by stimulating brown fat.

I have not spoken before of brown fat, but it is a special type of fat that we have in the body in a small amount, especially in the neck area, and that “burns” fat producing heat. It is activated with cold (and also with intense exercise), and is more abundant in babies than in adults, precisely because its role is to help regulate body temperature and prevent us from freezing. 

How to drink green tea to lose weight and take advantage of all its benefits

AHA! We get to the interesting part 😉

The first thing I want to say is that, although many of the studies on green tea and its catechins have been done using green tea extract, many others have been done using green tea in drink, and even both possibilities have been compared.

And it is observed that what matters is not the way it is consumed, but the amount of catechins present.

For a reduction in weight and, particularly, body fat, the amount of catechins needed according to studies varies between 270mg and 1200mg daily.

But before you go straight to the supplement store, you should know that not enough studies have been done to establish a maximum safe dose for green tea capsules, and a few cases have suggested that high doses of green tea polyphenols may cause liver toxicity.

how to drink green tea

So, unless you want to be a guinea pig, I would stay on the safe side and consume my green tea in a natural way, instead of putting in my body those pills of doubtful origin and content (which the industry of the supplements is not just regulated anywhere in the world). We do not want to make a grace (speed up the metabolism) you get a morisqueta (your liver is damaged).

Ok Maricarmen, how many cups of green tea do I have to drink then?

One to two cups of green tea a day already serve to benefit from its antioxidant powers and give better health to the body.

But if we are talking about the fat burning part, we want to have a decent amount of catechins. At least about 300mg a day.

The amount of catechins in green tea varies greatly, depending on the type of tea, how it was processed, the infusion time … but on average a cup of green tea contains about 50mg of EGCG.

That means you have to drink about 5 cups of green tea a day to have the benefits in metabolism. If they are a little more, the better. And if it is green tea leaves (and not sachet), better because green tea sachet has much less catechins (almost half) than green tea leaves.

how to drink green tea

More than 5 cups of green tea a day sounds a lot, but the truth is that it is not so complicated. Also, remember that green tea can be counted as part of the recommended amount of water each day.

Get more out advantage catechins to your green tea

In addition to knowing that leaf green tea (of higher quality) has more catechins than cheap sachet green tea you buy in the supermarket, there are several other things that affect the EGCG content of green tea and that you can use in your favor. 

For example, indicate average values ​​in the amount of EGCG of different types of tea :

  • Infused green tea: 180mg
  • Decaffeinated green tea, infused: 60mg
  • Flavored, infused green tea: 45mg
  • Canned green tea: 10mg
  • Oolong tea-infused: 80mg
  • Infused black tea: 20mg

And even in the case of infused green tea, the individual values ​​can vary from 5mg to 460mg depending on the origin of the leaf, the time since the collection, and whether it is tea in leaves, in a sachet, or in powder (matcha) .

What is clear is that it will always be preferable to consume infused green tea, since any of the other more processed forms will have much less catechins.

The temperature and infusion time also affect:

The hotter the water, and the longer the tea is infused, the greater the catechins content the drink will have.

But it is not necessary to leave it all afternoon. With just under 5 minutes in boiling water, it is more than enough to extract as many catechins as possible.

And if you use powdered green tea, better known as matcha , the time may be shorter since it releases its antioxidants much faster.


In summary

  1. Use green tea instead of other types of tea.
  2. He prefers green tea in drink, and not in capsules.
  3. Privileged green tea in leaves, or powder (matcha), above the sachets and processed varieties.
  4. Prepare it with boiling water (as hot as possible).
  5. Let it infuse for 3 to 4 minutes.
  6. Drink 1 to 10 cups of green tea a day.
  7. Take it hot or cold, at any time of the day.

Keep in mind that when you drink green tea you are also consuming caffeine, so if you are sensitive it is perhaps better not to abuse it, and avoid drinking it in the afternoon.

Another thing: do not damage the magic by placing sugar or artificial sweeteners … sweeten it with a little stevia or pure honey if it is absolutely necessary (although always better natural) and, if you prefer, add a few drops of lemon for an acidic touch.

And finally, you know that green tea is extremely healthy but can interfere with the functioning of some statins. 

So if you consume this type of cardiovascular medication or any other medication for any particular health condition, it is essential that you consult with your doctor about the possible adverse effects of drinking green tea in your case.

Do you drink green tea?

Now you know how to drink green tea to enjoy its metabolic boosting benefits, fat burners, and protectors of cancer and other diseases.

Tell me in the comments if you already consume this super drink, and what new things you discovered in today’s article.

Also, do you share this article with other people to pass on the information? I will thank you very much 🙂

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