How does green tea help you lose weight?

It is estimated that more than 80 billion cups are consumed in the country each year. Mainly because tea enthusiasts really enjoy the taste.

But do you know how to drink green tea to lose weight? It turns out that this leaf is good for more than increasing caffeine levels every morning.  

There are many benefits of green tea and enjoying a diet including it or adding its extract to your health and beauty products can make a difference at the end of the day.

So, if you think you’re ready to learn more about this appreciated drink, keep reading and watch how the green tea can help us to lose those pounds that we won along the year…

The antioxidants and caffeine present in green tea can be your allies when it comes to losing weight. Discover the effects that green tea produces according to some scientific studies.

Does it really help you lose weight? Know why!

Green tea has gained wide attention as a weight loss product. This drink is the second most popular in the country, second only to water.  Because each cup contains almost no calories, green tea can increase your metabolism and improve the efficiency of our body to burn energy.

Research suggests that it contains are responsible for increasing the oxidation levels of our fats. Thus improve the activity of insulin in our body.

Some studies show that replacing tea with calorie-filled drinks can lead us to lose up to half a kilo of fat. In fact, because green tea is a natural diuretic, it is an ideal treatment to combat fluid retention problems and general tissue inflammation.

For this reason, some estimates show that drinking green tea regularly can reduce body fat by up to 19%.

To get the benefits of green tea to lose weight it is necessary to know how to take it

Experts recommend drinking 2 to 3 cups per day. However, drinking green tea regularly may not be as beneficial for losing weight as taking green tea supplements. 

 Most studies explicitly noted that green tea extract, which concentrates the benefits in a small serving size, is much healthier.

While regular green tea will also help us maintain a healthy weight, the benefits will not be as impressive. When it comes to enjoying green tea, the way it is made can make a difference. Be careful not to overheat the water, since boiling it over tea will subtract part of its properties.

For best results, boil the water, but let it stand for ten minutes before pouring it over the tea.  Once in the water, let it sit for a minute before taking out the leaves and serving them.

Drinking green tea can also lead to better fat burning during exercise. One study evaluated men who took green tea extract before exercising. They burned 17 percent more fat than those who did not.

Other research shows that green tea specifically helps your body burn more fat. Which leads to lower long-term body weight.

While the actual amount of weight you can lose with green tea tends to be relatively modest. The weight lost tends to be abdominal fat.

Subcutaneous (abdominal) fat tends to be the most dangerous. Since it is strongly linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes. Also heart disease and other chronic conditions.

Because green tea specifically reduces the levels of this type of fat. It is a beneficial drink even if you don’t have significant goals to lose weight.

These are the best ways to take it:

Green tea and avocado smoothie

The mixture of green tea and avocado is an excellent combination of proteins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Just combine a tablespoon of green tea, half an avocado, banana and enough hot water so that everything mixes well (about half a cup).  

Spend the green tea in the hot water for half an hour, and process everything together in the blender to create a subtly sweet breakfast shake.

Green tea with lemon and ginger

Homemade colon cleansing

Like green tea; Lemon and ginger can also promote fat loss. Adding them to your daily cup can improve the natural benefits that our protagonist has. Simply heat the water until it boils and filters the green tea for a few minutes before removing the leaves.

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and infuse the mixture with a teaspoon of grated ginger. Let it filter for fifteen minutes and enjoy it!

Green tea in baked goods

Baking rich little things with green tea is easier than you think.  Matcha powder (finely ground tea leaves) tends to work best for recipes. But to enjoy a boost many beneficial properties in baked goods, and add beautiful green colour,  simply add half a cup of green tea powder to the usual recipe.

Drink green tea for a healthy weight. Maintaining your health is important and this herb can help you achieve it. A cup (or three) every day will increase your antioxidant levels, reduce inflammation and speed up your metabolism.

It is a triumph for any weight loss plan and for the palate, so prepare a cup today!

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