How do you use the Longrich pi cup for the first time

Directions to use:

1) It is normal if you can hear the sound when an empty mug is being shaken as it is designed to acquire a better efficacy by enlarging the specific contact area between the crystals and water.

2) Before using the water container for the first time, rinse and shake the cup repeatedly for up to 60 times with warm water to activate the filter. Repeat the above action until the water is clear.

3) Please pour the 50°C warm water or pure water into the cup for 1-3 minutes before drinking. And please make sure the cup is covered with the upper filter.

4) It is normal that the water will become slightly murky after prolong use after a period of 4-6 months. If such a condition should occur, it is suggested to reactivate the mug with white vinegar and water by soaking it for at least half an hour and then dry it under bright sunlight to reactivate the energy molecules in the filtering crystals.

NOTE: After cup activation, to convert your normal drinking water to pi water, you need to shake very well for about 10 minutes depending on the state of the drinking water you want to convert. If the drinking water is neutral it will take a lesser period of time maybe 5 minutes vigorous shaking.

If it’s acidic it will take up to 10 minutes or more. For those who intend to drink pi water much later maybe in like 1-2 hours time, you may not need to do any vigorous shaking. Just fill your pi cup with drinking water and wait till when you are ready to drink.


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  1. When activating it are your suppose to put warm water for the three time routine,or it’s just once and the rest you just shake for the minutes?

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