How can I get a flat stomach in 30 days?

Flat stomach in a month? With the right diet, you can! Just eliminate foods that bloat and ferment for the benefit of a healthy diet rich in fiber. Here are tips and remedies to get a flat stomach in no time!

To have a flat stomach and find the right shape, it is essential to eat healthy and choose the right foods . Besides fact, regular exercise and targeted exercises – abs in the first place – it is necessary to intervene with a balanced diet and plenty of fiber that helps to deflate and find wellness and bowel regularity. In fact, disorders such as bloating, accumulation of gas, lazy intestine, and the main causes, in addition to stress and psycho-somatic conditioning, are to be found precisely in an incorrect and disordered diet. Eliminate bad habits such as a sedentary lifestyle, smoking or too much coffee.
And if you can’t live without caffeine, the ideal alternative are energy bars with guarana, foodspring’s natural source of caffeine, available in several flavors.

But how then, to have a flat stomach in no time ? First you need to start from the diet. In fact, a few tricks are enough to regain intestinal well-being and defeat heaviness and swelling: however, you need to know the right foods and those to avoid. Below we will try to give you some tips, recommending a healthy diet and the most suitable foods to have a flat stomach in a short time. Let’s start with this video …

Flat stomach, how to do? The ideal diet to deflate in less than a month

Drink at least two liters of water a day and eliminate foods that ferment : these are the first steps to follow to have a flat stomach and defeat swelling and heaviness. So avoid alcohol, beer and fizzy drinks and prefer natural water or natural drinks and herbal teas – green tea is a real panacea! – which eliminate toxins, helping you to regain inner well-being and intestinal regularity. Say goodbye to chewing gums , super salty foods , sweets and carbohydrates , or at least limit the consumption of the latter, taking care to avoid eating them in the evening, as they are very difficult to dispose of.

A fundamental rule to follow to have a flat stomach is never skip meals: rather have small snacks – cereals and fruit for example, would be ideal – thus avoiding bingeing during meals and straining the intestine too much. Eliminate bread and do not eat fruit at the end of a meal, as it swells excessively, increasing stomach acid and intestinal fermentation . Far from meals, as a snack it is instead a perfect food , in particular grapes, which purify the kidneys and liver, pineapple– also granted at the end of a meal as useful for digestion – papaya and avocado, which contain detoxifying active ingredients , and kiwis, oranges and grapefruit, rich in vitamins .
For a healthy and low-calorie snack, to always take with you, try foodspring’s Crunchy Fruits , naturally dried fruit that will give you the right amount of vitamins and minerals, without overdoing the calories.

Avoid fatty and heavy condiments such as oil, butter and salt, preferring aromatic herbs and spices instead ,including sage, rosemary, basil, mint, garlic, onion and parsley. Curry, cinnamon and chili pepper are also perfect , among the foods that speed up the metabolism and allow you to lose weight faster .
If you want to know more, follow the super metabolism diet.
It is also better to eliminate sugar to the advantage of sucrose , glucose and maple syrup, which are much less harmful to the body. Also stay away from honey , fructose and corn syrup, sorbitol, handpiece and xylitol.

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