Green Tea or Brown Tea for weight loss: Which is better?

One of the many benefits of tea is its ability to accelerate our basal metabolism and, consequently, get us to lose weight more easily. 

However, when it comes to doing so, a logical question arises and that can generate a lot of controversies. 

Which is better, green tea or brown tea to lose weight and what effects can it have in the long term?

Green tea or brown tea for weight loss: which is better

The first thing you have to know is that both teas are going to be good for weight loss. 

This is because both come from the same plant (Camellia Sinensis). 

In fact, any variety of tea will help us lose weight since it is a diuretic drink and that naturally accelerates the metabolism of our body, which contributes to burning calories faster.

However, it is true that, within the wide variety of teas that we can find, green tea and brown tea are the two that most help you lose weight. 

This is due to their particular characteristics, which make them the most appropriate for this purpose.

In fact, a combination of both teas as a complement to a weight loss diet will be the most effective way we will use these drinks to help with weight loss. 

It is best to drink brown tea in the morning, while green tea will be the best option in the afternoon. 

This is because red tea has a higher amount of caffeine than green tea, so it is a more appropriate morning tea.

Differences and similarities between green tea and brown tea when burning fat

Both teas, thanks to their unique properties to take care of our health, are a good way to increase our caloric intake. 

Green tea or brown tea for weight loss are going to be two good allies in this task because, both, they have thermogenic properties that will help consume energy faster by increasing the temperature of our body.

On the other hand, both are diuretic and purifying, so they will help prevent fluid retention, although it is true that it is not the right way to lose weight, it is true that it will prevent us from feeling bloated. 

In addition, a more purified body that does not retain fluids will work better, which will help us to have a normal calorie burn and not slow down.

However, there is a difference between green and brown tea when we are carrying out a slimming diet, and that is that brown tea has a satiating effect much greater than green. 

In fact, brown tea, being denser in the mouth, helps us reduce appetite more effectively than green. 

This, in itself, is not that it has a slimming effect, but it will allow us to eat less, so it will be a good complement to help us reduce the amount of caloric intake we make at meals.

The importance of acting on all fronts

However, despite the fact that both green tea and red tea will help us when it comes to weight loss, we must bear in mind that it will always be complements to a much more complete program. 

That is, in addition to drinking green tea and brown tea, we will need to control the calorie intake we perform daily, as well as lead an active life and exercise daily, even if it is only 20 minutes a day.

We cannot forget that, to lose weight, there are many elements of our body that come into play, so it is essential that we give a holistic approach to the situation. 

In this way, we can lose those kilos of more than we want to get rid of and, in addition to achieving it, we will do it in a natural and lasting way, which is just as important as the fact of losing weight.

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