Most frequent questions and answers

Can the green tea be taken after meal?

Of course dear, green tea can be taken after meal.

How much do I need to drink to show the results ?

You should just drink it like you would drink your normal water when thirsty

How do I use libao(male) fertility.

The Libao is to be taken 4 tablets at night.

The Xinchang tea, how much water do I use per sachet ?

The Xinchang Tea is once or twice a day. Use approximately 200 ml of water for the green tea or use two bags in a jar and drink when needed.

How long do I have to use the slimming tea to get visible result ?

the slimming tea can work in 3weeks with the right diet and also a little 30mins workout atleast 3 times a week.

Which of your products works for blood pressure?

For the products for high blood pressure, we have NUTRI V Rich, BERRY OIL, CALCIUM, ALKALINE CUP.

Which one is use for jaundice treatment

the green tea

the green tea I want to know if the green tea is good for a pregnant woman

I would say it is safeā€¦.its suggested that pregnant women stay under 200mg of caffeine a day, and some green tea have a little amount of caffeine but try not to go overboard with it

The tummy ache and going to the toilet often when using this green tea. Is it because it detoxifies your body? Or not?

Yes dear, its part of the process. it detoxifies and cleanses your system thus aiding weightloss.

can a pregnant woman take Longrich Green Tea

No dear