Does longrich slimming tea really work

The swimsuit test is always a topic of discussion and the temptation to resort to products that deceive you to lose weight quickly is often strong. But are they really an effective solution? Do the supplements including (Longrich slimming tea) proposed as aids to lose weight really work or are they just a waste of money? 

Here is a guide for all consumers.

Slimming ingredients

There are no shortcuts: only goodwill, a healthy diet and sporting activity work to lose weight. However, it may happen to fall into the temptation to believe in the miraculous benefits of some ingredients used in the supplements proposed for weight loss. 

According to science, there is very little that is miraculous and true.

Miraculous ingredients

To understand if the claimed properties have a scientific confirmation, it is good to analyze some of the ingredients most used in supplements:
• pineapple: contains bromelain, a protein that facilitates the digestion of proteins and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The pineapple stalk, on the other hand, contains, compared to the fruit, much more fiber and for this reason it is often proposed in adjuvant supplements in low-calorie diets;
• garcinia cambogia: helps to reduce the accumulation of fats, helps to lose body weight, to control the sense of hunger and the metabolism of lipids;
• pepper: thanks to piperine, it should burn fat, control body weight and hunger;
• green tea: reduces body weight by increasing energy expenditure.

Is it possible to lose weight without effort?

The science is very clear: the magic pill for effortless weight loss does not exist. The effectiveness of Longrich products , in fact, depends solely and exclusively on their combination with a low-calorie diet and physical activity . To lose weight safely and effectively, the right moves are just the following:
• reduce energy income by preferring low calorie and more filling foods (such as vegetables and fruits);
• carry out more physical activity, maintaining an active lifestyle (walking instead of using means of transport, taking the stairs rather than using the elevator… etc.).

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