21 Day fat burning tea recipe

Our natural pantry is made up of ingredients that can come in handy on different occasions. For example, if you want to speed up your metabolism in such a way as to promote weight loss (always in the context of regular physical activity and controlled nutrition), we should never miss a spice such as cinnamon, pink tea and organic honey.

The combination of these three ingredients helps to burn fat thanks above all to the action of cinnamic aldehyde , an active ingredient present in cinnamon which stimulates thermogenesis , a process that produces heat and consequently improves lipid metabolism, keeps cholesterol and cholesterol at bay .

Another very important gift of cinnamon and also useful for those who must lose weight is its ability to keep blood sugars at bay. Even honey , according to some experts, would be able to act positively on the metabolism and help keep the sense of hunger at bay. Of course it should be used wisely and without exaggerating.

Honey, Pink Tea and cinnamon herbal tea: benefits and recipes

Herbal tea based on honey , pink tea and cinnamon

Now let’s see how to prepare our 21 Day fat-burning herbal tea based on honey and cinnamon.

First of all the ingredients we will have to use are:


Cinnamon ›1 teaspoon powder or a stick

Water ›1 cup

Honey ›2 tsp

Longrich Pink Tea > 1 Satchet


Boil the water with the pink tea, cinnamon spoon or stick and let it boil for a few minutes (especially if you have used the stick in order to give it time to release its properties);

Then let it cool a little while keeping the herbal tea covered and finally filtered;

Only when the drink is lukewarm can you add honey, in this way you avoid that too much heat can partially destroy its nutritional characteristics and properties;

You can prepare fresh herbal tea every day or at one time a larger amount to be kept at room temperature for 2 or 3 days.

2. Honey, Pink Tea, Cinnamon and Lemon Herbal tea

A tasty and healthy variant is the one that also adds fresh lemon juice to the basic recipe.


Cinnamon ›1 teaspoon powder

Pink Tea > 1 Satchet

Water ›1 cup

Honey ›2 tsp

Lemon juice ›4 tbsp


Boil the water then turn off the heat; Add the cinnamon powder and pink tea and leave to infuse for 10 minutes;

When the water temperature is lukewarm, add the honey and lemon juice;

Finally enjoy your herbal tea. It is important that lemon juice is always squeezed fresh and consumed immediately so that all its properties are maintained.

When to take it and for how long

There are two currents of thought regarding when it would be best to take pink tea, honey and cinnamon tea . There are those who consider it useful to drink it only on an empty stomach to get the maximum benefits, therefore in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to sleep and those who are convinced that it favors metabolism better if taken before meals (15-20 minutes before).

Let’s say you can experiment with both options and continue with the one you are best at. Consider that drinking this herbal tea closer to meals can also help digestion . So, if in addition to stimulating the metabolism you intend to promote the work of the stomach, we suggest you opt for the second mode of intake.

The minimum time for which you should drink this herbal tea consistently in order to see some results is a week but potentially you can always take it, even every day, for about a month, then take a break for a week or two before resuming.

This, however, provided you are in good health and do not have problems that could get worse if you take the ingredients with which it is prepared (especially honey). If in doubt, always consult your doctor who knows your specific health condition.

The benefits of this drink

The benefits of taking honey , pink tea and cinnamon herbal tea are not limited to increasing metabolism and promoting digestion. The effect of this drink can also be highlighted on other aspects of our health:

  • Helps burn fat and eliminate liquids : cinnamon prevents the formation of fat deposits, therefore also helps to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol. Since it is a drink to drink several times during the day, it helps hydration and promotes the elimination of excess fluids;
  • Improves glucose metabolism : thanks to the presence of cinnamon, this herbal tea is able to re-balance blood glucose levels; It helps in case of sore throat, cough and cold : it is an active drink also against seasonal ailments, cinnamon is a spice with disinfectant power and honey is also a good natural antibiotic;
  • For better digestion : cinnamon and honey herbal tea can also be taken when you are struggling with a heavy meal and therefore difficult to digest to lighten the work of the stomach and fight acidity;
  • It keeps the sense of hunger at bay : this drink is able to reduce hunger, especially the anxious type and also for this reason it is very useful to take it when you intend to lose weight;
  • Strengthens the immune system : the combined action of cinnamon and honey helps the immune system in its functions by acting as a natural antibiotic;
  • Energizing : it is an herbal tea that increases the body’s energy level and counteracts the feeling of tiredness.

The possible contraindications of this drink

People who suffer from diabetes or have blood sugar problems should avoid this herbal tea or at least ask their doctor first for the possibility of taking it so frequently, if anything, avoiding the use of honey. Cinnamon itself does not have great side effects but it could interfere with the intake of some drugs, so it is always good to warn the doctor if you use medicines. Finally, it is always not recommended to take this herbal tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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